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Metal To Infinity (2011)

Way back in the 80s there was a US Metal act that walked around by the name Predator. They’ve released only one album (as far as I can remember) entitled “Easy Prey” somewhere in the mid 80s – it was an effort I’d like to describe as a Classic US Metal masterpiece!  But there was another Predator detected in Germany as well – their name of the game was Power Metal, released a self titled CD in 2004 through Remedy Records. I wrote the review for it and can’t say for sure if the band’s still active or not. Fact is that I'm very excited to tell that the United States Of America has a new band to be proud on – the name is Predator, they’re hailing from Lauderdale, USA and you better make notice of these guys because they will haunt your dreams by delivering awesome US Power Metal mainly – pure as can be!  Two years ago, Predator released a self-titled debut album through Arctic Music and Metal To Infinity co-editor Rico aka Officer Nice wrote down his thoughts on it and was very pleased with Predator’s way of Metal! Better believe me when say that Rico is a specialist in US Metal – actually we’re long time friends and we know what great Metal from the US is all about.   Read More


I came across this cd on my desk several days ago and immediately checked it out. I was so impressed I logged on to their my space page to take a closer look at these boys. Very impressive lot, these guys. Here is a band with outstanding talent who have earned their popularity without the aid of MTV, VH1, radio or even mainstream magazines. PREDATOR is one the latest additions to the international label, Arctic Music, a tight family of Metal bands who produce nothing but heavy and brutal thrash metal. The five man band is based in Ft Lauderdale, FL and their debut cd-dvd set is a most impressive collection of thrash metal anthems which showcase the amazing vocal power of lead singer Nestor Aguirre and the fiery dual guitar team of Damien Lee Thorr and Chris Reiser. The songs are among the coolest thrash collections I’ve heard since Slayer’s Reign In Blood. Very impressive lyrics from Damien Lee Thorr, too. Overall, a great debut that I strongly recommend for every metal head out there. Predator are the newest masters of brutal thrash. Trust me, check these guys out. Another thing to be applauded is their “Closet Anti-Christ” dvd. It is a great song about domestic violence and these boys are promising to donate a portion of their proceeds to help organizations devoted to helping women in distress. Very cool, indeed!



By Michael Kushnik "THRASHER" (New York, NY)

Awesome metal band! My favorite song is CLOSET ANTI-CHRIST. Cool Video, too! All the songs are cool.

5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME BAND!!!!!!, August 1, 2009


I first checked out Predator out on their myspace page and I could not wait for this CD to be available. I listened to the songs on their page everyday like an addict in need of a fix. This stuff is very addictive. Their songs just rip right through you like a knife. This band is truly amazing, a word many have used to describe them on their comment page. One thing that stands out is their clever and poetic lyrics that cover many life subjects. Someone had told me about them and when I heard them I was completely blown away! The lyrics are written as if the poet has a dagger in his heart, giving you a front row seat of the pain, tears, rage, and overall connection to the songs. This stuff is absolutley brilliant. Closet Anti-Christ is by far the best metal song ever written!

5.0 out of 5 stars THE BEST THRASH SINCE SLAYER, June 18, 2009

By Amy M. Shaw -

Check out this heavy metal CD from an awesome South Florida band. Their music and lyrics rock! I hope to see them in concert some day.
 5.0 out of 5 stars Pure Heavy Metal, June 17, 2009

WOW!!!!!! Predator IS AMAZING! I just ordered this cd from this amazing band after checking them out on their My Space page: [...] . I was immediately blown away by the power of this band. All the songs are great and their musicianship is BRUTAL..... to say the very least! I can't wait to see what they can do live in concert and I can't wait to hear what their next cd will sound like. Predator has accomplished with their first cd what many other bands take to do three to four albums later: They have created a classic metal masterpiece!!!! Predator rocks!!!!






MySpace:риканската heavy метъл банда PREDATOR е пред издаването на дебютния си едноименен албум. По този повод се свързахме с единия от китаристите на групата Damien Lee Thorr, който бе така любезен да отговори на няколко въпроса.

Поздрави от България. Как я карате?

Здрасти! Специален поздрав за всички наши метъл братя и сестри от България!

Откъде сте? Слушах част от материала ви и звучи доста впечатляващо. Що за метъл свирите?

Ние сме от Флорида, САЩ. Хората наричат нашия стил power метъл, но аз смятам, че се вписваме в най-различни определения. Ще оставя това на нашите фенове. Досега всички смятат, че звучим страхотно и ние благодарим на всички за това.

Предстои ви да издадете едноименния си дебютен албум. Поправи ме, ако се лъжа, но май го записахте през 2004г., а сега имате възможност да го разпространите чрез голяма компания. Ето ти един малко тъп въпрос: вълнувате ли се?

Не знам защо хората казват, че е бил записан през 2004г. Predator дори не са съществували през 2004г. Записан е през 2008г. и ДА, вълнуваме се.

Ясна ли е вече датата на излизането му?

Да, официално излиза на 16 юни.

Планирате ли турне в подкрепа на албума и какво мислиш за турне извън Щатите?

Преговаряме с няколко компании за запазването на дати. Иначе сме готови да свирим навсякъде по света.

Какви са музикалните ти влияния, ако имаш такива?

Всичко! Всеки един от групата идва от различна културна среда, така че сме много разностранни.

Смяташ ли, че метъл музиката изживява втори живот напоследък?

Макар и популярността на heavy метъла в Щатите да понамаля през последните няколко години не смятам, че беше напълно мъртва. В Щатите всичко се свежда до теченията и новото замества старото. Но пък изглежда, че старото е отново ново.

Има ли място за различна от метъла музика в колекцията ти?

Със сигурност. Слушам много класическа музика, фламенко, поп, джаз, фюжън, латино и разни други неща. От друга страна, не харесвам рап! Всъщност, мразя го!

Ако трябваше да слушаш 5 албума до края на живота си на какво би се спрял?

WOW!!! Кой би могъл да отговори без да си промени мнението пет минути по-късно? Но ще се постарая: 1. Black Sabbath - Heaven&Hell 2. Iron Maiden - Flight 666, 3. Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark, 4. Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East, 5. равен резултат между Metallica - Master of Puppets и Slayer - Reign in Blood.

Кого би взел в автобуса по време на турне, ако можеше да избираш?

Всеки, който би могъл да ме понесе - най-доброто и най-лошото в мен.

Благодаря за интервюто и успех занапред.

Благодаря за отделеното време и подкрепата за Predator. Благодарим на всички ви! Обичаме ви!

Nestor Aguirre - вокали Damien Lee Thorr - китара Chris Reiser - китара Rotten Rudy Orozco - бас Daniel Galante - барабани Официален сайт: JUNE 2009


PREDATOR (USA) "Predator" (CD +DVD) 2009

Produced by Chris Reiser & Damien Lee Thorr

Aqui tenemos a esta excelente banda de Thrash Metal proveniente de Florida con dos integrantes de Nicaragua, Nestor Aguirre (vocals) y Rotten Rudy Orozco (bass).

La presentacion del disco es muy buena, booklet bien impreso, a full color, ambos discos (CD + DVD), ademas incluye las liricas, que dicho sea de paso son de corte social.

En muy poco tiempo ellos han alcanzado grandes logros, han aparecido en un sampler de Metal Edge, con su tema "Icon", asi como tambien ya firmaron con Arctic Music Group (Malevolent Creation, Kult Ov Azazel, Rhino, etc...) Y ahora nos presentan esta impecable produccion, sonido magistral, tecnica depurada, riffs muy poderosos, totalmente de corte Old School, influencias de bandas de Thrash Metal como SLAYER, Exodus, Overkill y de los glories del Heavy Metal como Iron Maiden.

Los riffs son impresionantes, en todo el disco, por citar un ejemplo "Die Unborn", concha su madre! Escuchen ese tema carajo! Que bestia! Riffs a lo FAITH OR FEAR, unos solos alucinantes y un registro vocal que te vas a quedar totalmente pasmado con la tecnica y clase de esta banda, no tengo ninguna duda al afirmar que esta es una de las bandas revelacion mas importantes del Thrash Metal a nivel mundial de estos ultimos años.

El DVD contiene el video clip del tema "Closet Anti-Christ", muy buen video que nos muestra la realidad del abuso domestico, acompañada de la destreza expolsiva de la banda.

Este material es oblgatorio para todos los Thrashers que mantienen encendida la llama de la vieja escuela en sus corazones y que tendran siempre vivo el espiritu ochentero.... Thrash or be Thrashed!!!


Predator and

Artic Music Group

Controversial and thought provoking best describe Predator's music, Damien Lee Thorr's lyrics speak about issues ranging from immigration, domestic violence, and child abuse to religious wars and prostitution to planet wide annihilation and children that get lost in the "system" among others.

Each addressed in words that make you think outside of your own experiences no matter where you place yourself on the liberal or conservative side of the divide.

This alone should garner Predator much applause before mention is even made of their musicianship. Instrumental precision is flawless and vocals are screamed with the impassioned anger of the masses that suffer these injustices in forced silence the world over.

Track list: "Cursed (Letters From Hell)", Between Vengeance & Forgiveness", "Closet Anti-Christ", "Demon Soul", "Die Unborn", "Icon", the instrumental "Fugue-itive", "Lone Wolf", "Mercy", "A Moment Sir...", "In The Name of God?", and "The Border".

Choice cuts are "Between Vengeace & Forgiveness", "Closet Anti-Christ", and "In The Name of God?"

Predator's self-titled debut album gets a 5 out of 5!

Predator is Nestor Aguirre on vocals, Damien Lee Thorr on lead guitar, Chris Reiser on lead guitar (did I forget to mention the awesome dual lead guitar style Predator sports? It's incredible), Rotten Rudy Orozco on bass (Rudy, between TLR! receiving the CD for review and this review's publication, was unfortunately denied US Citizenship and was deported back to his native Nicaragua. Scott Opheila has since taken over bass), and Dan Galante on drums.

Check Predator out at

-Michael Meade


Predator: Predator

Wenn die entscheidenden Elemente US-Metal, Technik, hohe Stimmlage, trashige Momente und Texas-Flair zusammenkommen, werden nicht nur treue Fans von Helstar über Steel Prophet bis hin zu New Eden und Watchtower unruhig. Das sollten sie auch. Denn in genau diese Kerbe schlagen Predator mit ihrem vor knapp sechs Monaten erschienenem Debüt.

Heimat des Quintetts ist der Orangenstaat Florida. Viel ist über die Musiker nicht bekannt. Lediglich Gitarrist Damien Lee Thor scheint einen musikalischen Vorlauf zu haben. Offenbar ist er der Älteste und leitet seine Lehrlinge im Sinne des ehrbaren Stahls ordentlich an. Zusammen mit dem zweiten Gitarristen Chris Reiser zeichnet er sich für nahezu alle Kompositionen verantwortlich. Alle fünf Musiker sind durch die Bank weg Meister ihres Faches. Die Songaufbauten sind dramatisch und enorm abwechslungsreich. Am ehesten lassen sich Predator daher im Texas-Metal verorten. Trotzdem bleibt nirgends die Melodie auf der Strecke. Die Jungs zeichnet Spielwitz und Leidenschaft aus. Der aus Nicaragua stammende Sänger Nestor Aguirre bildet mit Damien Lee Thorr das Herzstück der Band. Aguirre ist ein echtes Talent. Er trifft alle Töne und singt dabei recht hoch, ohne nervig zu wirken. Seine Stimme wurde im Studio teilweise mit ganz leichtem Hall unterlegt, was der ganzen Sache keinen Abbruch tut. Seine Stimmbänder und die sechs Saiten von Damien Lee Thorr stehen in ständigem Dialog. Aguirres Gesang wird durch irrsinniges Gitarrenspiel mal überhöht, dann unterstrichen oder gar herausgefordert. Am Ende – so soll es ja auch ein – siegt natürlich immer die verzerrte Streitaxt.

Den Anfang des Albums macht der sehr ungestüm und roh daherkommende Song „Cursed (Letters from Hell)“. Man hätte zwar einen geeigneteren Opener auswählen können, aber nach den wilden rund zweieinhalb Minuten ist zumindest klar, was noch kommt. „Between Venegance & Forgiveness“ ist schon der erste richtige Höhepunkt. Das ist Texal-Metal pur. Hier werden so viele Riffs miteinander verknüpft und auf eine Art gegen die Gesangslinien gestellt, wie es andere in einer ganzen Musikerkarriere nicht hinbekommen. Der Song erinnert phasenweise an Ritual (Trials of Torment) – kult! Nach einem etwas uninspiriertem Ende folgt „Closet Anti-Christ“. Predator machen dort weiter, wo sie eben aufgehört haben. Jedoch rücken hier Double-Bass und eine zentrale Gesangslinie stärker in den Vordergrund. Wie zuvor endet der Song recht unangemessen. Er wird nach knapp vier Minuten schlicht ausgeblendet. „Demon Soul“ startet überraschend ruhig, um nach schon wenigen Sekunden die bisher höchste Geschwindigkeit zu erreichen. Und wieder werden hier texanische Rinder kreuz und quer über die Prärie getrieben. Was das Gitarrenspiel angeht, so drängt sich nun „As Darkness Reigns“ von Oracle als weitere Referenz auf. Mit „Die Unborn“ geht es zügig und hochklassig weiter. Weil einem Predator keine Zeit zum Luftholen lassen, legen sie das schnelle „Icon“ nach. Das ist einer der zwei etwas schwächeren Songs auf der CD. Gelungen ist die kurze Auflockerung „Fugue-itive“. Hier wird Johann Sebastian Bach gekonnt gehuldigt, was erneut an Oracle erinnert. Anschließend bietet „Lone Wolf“ einen fast schon hochmelodischen Refrain. „Mercy“ beginnt mit einem verspielten Gitarren-Intro und zeigt die bekannten Trademarks. „A Moment, Sir …“ stellt für mich den oben bereits angedeuteten zweiten nicht so guten Song auf der CD dar. Man könnte auch von einem regelrechten Ausfall sprechen. Gut, dass „In the Name of God?“ wieder die starke Seite von Predator nach außen kehrt. Am Ende unterbreiten uns die Florida-Boys mit „The Border“ einen hörenswerten texanischen Ausklang.

Alles in Allem haben Predator ein wirklich beachtliches Erstlingswerk vorgelegt. Die zwei etwas schwächeren Songs können getrost übergangen werden. Etwas feilen muss die Band noch am Sound. Der hat guten bis sehr guten Demo-Charakter und ist nicht durchgängig identisch. Offenbar liegen der CD unterschiedliche Recording-Sessions zugrunde. Damit kann man insgesamt leben. Ich bin mir aber absolut sicher, an einigen Stellen einen Drum-Computer zu vernehmen. Und das ist in Metal-Kreisen zu Recht verpönt. Am Cover-Artwork kann sicherlich auch noch etwas gefeilt werden. Wenn dann sogar die Texte lesbar werden, ist es fast gut. Schließlich wirken die Lyrics von Predator so, als stießen sie in tiefere Ebenen vor, was sie deshalb lesenswert machte.

Nun bleibt zu hoffen, dass diejenigen, die hier angesprochen wurden, wissen, welche Pflicht sie erwartet. Amazon hilft dabei. Predator wird über ein Independent-Label vertrieben und ist dort für rund 11 Euro erhältlich.

Predator bei MySpace: