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METAL MANIA by JJ Dean 4-2011

WOW!!! Where do I begin? Last year I received a great cd by Predator. It had a nice cover by Michael Whelan and, even though the production could have been better, an amazing set of heavy thrashing tunes. Great vocals and shredding guitars. I mean, this debut had it all going for them. I thought this was going to be one of those one time deals, though.  

Now I get this new release, Born In Blood. WOW!!! Not only did they top their last album: they have totally kicked Metallica’s ass as far as everything metal that can be done!  

Let’s take a look at some of the tracks: Days Without Rain starts off with intense speed and power. Reflecting on addiction, these lyrics really bring it home for someone who has been there. Nestor’s voice is loud and clear and with raw emotion. The guitar solos and riffs are absolutely breath-taking.  

Ingrid Betancourt. I did a bit of googling to find out who Betancourt was and learned a lot about her and the problems in Colombia, where people live in fear of being abducted and murdered. The song is a masterful fury of twin guitar licks, a driving bass with embellishments and powerful drumming that waits for no one.  

The third track is Slave. This one is a metal gem. It starts of with a heart beat style kick drum and gradually assaults the ears with a spooky riff and then breaks into an all out power thrash anthem about human trafficking.  

All the lyrics are very impressive. Damien Lee Thorr has a special gift for lyrics as well as virtuoso guitar playing.   The eighth track, Home, an environmental message, is a display of Predator at their finest. Ripping with an amazing flamenco guitar solo, it switches gears into a gem. Its speed is unforgiving and the melody captures Nestor at his best.  

This album is a masterpiece and I am sure it will end up in many metal heads’ collections. The future of metal is PREDATOR.

Metal Core fanzine -
Chris Forbes  

PREDATOR/Born in Blood (God of Thunder Records) This is just godly power metal with tons of killer riffs that will have you neck moving in seconds and vocals that are clear, powerful and sung with tons of emotion. This is power metal at its best. The riffs on this just blew me away and this is like older 80's style power metal not this new power metal shit that mostly sucks. Every song on this disc has awesome, catchy, powerful, heavy riffs and even went into the power thrash territory at times. Think Agent Steel and Hades with a bit more of a power metal edge and less thrash. This rules.

Predator faces political criticism due to their new song Ingrid Betancourt in Colombia.
Category: News and Politics
DECEMBER 06, 2010

I wrote the song, Ingrid Betancourt, to honor her and validate what she suffered in the Colombian jungles at the hands of the FARC terrorists. Most people in the United States do not know who she is and are not aware of the kidnappings that occur in Colombia. We are trying to help and we are not even Colombian. Since we posted the song on our MySpace page, more people are aware of the situation in Colombia and when our new album is released, even more people will be aware throughout the world. After Mrs. Betancourt’s rescue, she has dedicated her time to informing people about those who remain in captivity and is struggling to have them freed. How does that make her a bad person? Anyone who sees this as an act of evil is simply blind. Her lawsuit offended the Colombian government and it was blown way out of proportion. I find it preposterous that they have not mentioned anything about the other ex-hostages who also filed lawsuits. Betancourt went on to say that nothing will return the lost years enduring abuse and brutality by the FARC in the jungle. When you think of all the propaganda from the news and newspapers, Pablo Escobar was never dragged through shit as they have done with Betancourt. There are Colombians who have told me that the kidnapping was a publicity stunt, a hoax, which was a lie and never happened. Are you kidding! Do they really believe that? That I really find preposterous. Those who criticize Betancourt and Predator are not entirely clear nor have a complete picture of the situation and instead of pointing at us and criticizing; they should ask themselves what they are doing to help those hostages in their own country. We are not even from Colombia and want to help. Would they prefer that the FARC still had Ingrid Betancourt in captivity? Who the fuck do they support? Freedom or the FARC? There are hundreds who are still held hostage by the FARC and many others missing and presumed dead. My heart goes out to them and their families. When will this madness end? It is time to stop criticizing and stop complaining about Betancourt and begin working together so that all the hostages have their freedom and liberate the rest of Colombians from living in the shadow of fear. When I visited Colombia, I was very impressed with the determination of the people. I saw them working hard despite the economic difficulties they face and overcome. I also saw government corruption which was difficult to observe. I feel that little by little, Colombia is moving in the right direction. The only thing I see that interferes with progress in Colombia is the threat of the FARC. For this reason, and for that alone, I myself marched in the streets of Bogota, hand in hand with the sons and daughters of Colombia shouting in one voice: "No more kidnappings, no more lies, No more deaths, no more FARC". Enough bloodshed already!    


Damien Lee Thorr PREDATOR guitar ......


Ingrid Betancourt, a great and inspiriational true hero and wonderful human being.INGRID BETANCOURT
Category: News and Politics
OCTOBER 31, 2010

The Ft Lauderdale based rock group, Predator, has written and recorded a song titled, INGRID BETANCOURT, that will be featured in their forthcoming new album, BORN IN BLOOD. The song is based on the life and courage of Ingrid Betancourt.

Predator guitarist Damien Lee Thorr briefly met Mrs. Betancourt last night during her speech at Miami Dade College. He made her aware of the group’s recording and shared conversation.

Mrs. Betancourt was a candidate for the presidency of corruption and terrorism plagued Colombia in 2002. She was truly the voice and light of hope in her country that would heal the problems and help Colombia thrive. The terrorists known as the FARC (revolutionary armed forces of Colombia, in English) kidnapped her for almost 7 years in the Colombian jungles where she endured deep humiliation and brutality.

The Colombian army successfully infiltrated the FARC and was able to rescue Mrs. Betancourt (along with a few others) without a single drop of blood spilled on July 2nd of 2008.

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